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Hi, it's GéLeuil, from Boxeem.com!

Do you have questions about insurance ? No worries, I'm here to help you.

If you do not find the answer to your question here, send us a sweet word through our Contact form, We will be happy to help you choose the type of insurance that best suits your needs.

Is it mandatory to take insurance to use a furniture storage ?

Whether you stock your favorite furniture, your great-aunt's denture collection, a stuffed pony, or your most important papers, it is strongly recommended to protect them by subscribing to insurance.

Boxeem.com simplifies the task and minimizes formalities by offering you 3 types of insurance, depending on the value of the goods you want to store in our storage centers partners.

I want to book a storage box on Boxeem.com, how to subscribe to an insurance to protect my business?

When you book on Boxeem.com, you first choose the city and the size of your future storage box , the type of subscription that suits you best and finally , the insurance formula that you want to subscribe to.

Your goods will be automatically insured once deposited in your box, easy no?

Secure my things, yes! But at what cost ?

When you book a box at any storage center on the Boxeem.com platform, you can choose from 3 insurance ranging from 12 to 48 euros per month

Here is a little table to enlighten your lantern:


Monthly price: 12,00€
Assured value: 1 000,00€


Monthly price: 24,00€
Assured value: 5 000,00€


Monthly price: 48,00€
Assured value: 10 000,00€

What do the 3 insurances of Boxeem.com cover?

Our 3 insurances protect the contents of your storage box according to their replacement value.

That is, in the event of burglary, fire, lightning or water damage, the insurance will reimburse you the amount of the replacement value of your damaged property.

Oops, I still have a question about insurance!

No problem, the Boxeem.com team is at your disposal to guide you in your reservation.

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